The Cabin bar in Park City, Utah posted a sign that says, "Rendezvous Whiskey ... I like my women like i like my whiskey ....

ready to pass out!" When my daughter went into the bar to ask them to rethink this rape joke and the employee shrugged it off, told her to “lighten up,” claimed they had had no complaints, and then turned his back on her. When she posted a complaint on Facebook, they demeaned and insulted her. (See photo.) Not only was the initial rape joke horrifying, their response during both opportunities was appalling.

I don’t know if the sign is still up or not (I suspect they will remove it due to the number of complaints they’ve received on Facebook), but no apology has been forthcoming.

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How is that in any way related to rape?

I've read it several times and see nothing about rape or doing anything to women.

I don't drink, and I think too many people have nothing better to do than get warped by reading too much into signs/movies/books they really need to get out and get a real life.

I've seen person blow up at a manager in store electronics because disney snow white cartoon was playing on TV's they where yelling how they could have such immoral *** playing,I asked what the *** their problem was, they blew up at me about cartoon showing unwed woman living with multiple men, I told them to get a life and if they didn't like it then don't watch it, they stormed out.

Ogden, Utah, United States #932374

sometimes I like to pop back here and watch the *** stuff people get mad over.




Wow, those comments really say a lot about the establishment and it's employee who posted the comments. Then to take the comments down minutes later makes me think they are embarrassed by whole thing.

An apology would be nice.

Orangevale, California, United States #843757

Its unacceptable that someone would think this was okay. When confronted, they chose to escalate to personal attacks against the young lady rather than engage on the issue.

Please don't contribute to the problem by supporting a business like this with your patronage. There are plenty of other places to get a drink that don't celebrate taking advantage of drunk women.

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